Castillo de Mendoza 有機Rioja 玫瑰粉紅葡萄酒 最高級別D.O.Ca. Castillo de Mendoza Orgainc Rosado Ecologico 2019 Rioja Rosé 3g Carb Keto D.O.Ca. Rioja





低醣. 生酮. 有機. 純素 最高級別D.O.Ca. 里奧哈 Lowcarb, Keto, Organic, Vegan Spain D.O.Ca. Rioja


Castillo de Mendoza 有機玫瑰粉紅葡萄酒  750毫升

 Castillo de Mendoza  Organic Rosado Ecologico 2019  Rioja Rosé D.O.Ca. Rioja

低醣. 生酮. 有機. 純素 Lowcarb, keto, organic 

約 2-3克醣 / 100 毫升  2-3g/100ml Carb Keto 

西班牙里奧哈最高級別D.O.Ca. 級

原產地名稱:西班牙 D.O.Ca. 里奧哈

香氣: Intense aroma of strawberries and wild raspberries with certain touches of red currant.

味道: Its first step in the mouth denotes freshness and softness. Its unctuous and sweetness that evoke memories of cherry candy.

顏色: Strawberry pink color.

最佳飲用溫度:8-10 ºC

搭配:ideal as an appetizer of cold starters such as iberic ham, vegetable soup, all type of steamed and grilled seafood, sushi, pasta, rice, with hunt dishes and baked fish. Also combines perfectly with dark chocolate.

This wine is the result of the gentle pressing of a selection of our best organic tempranillo grapes, collected manually in our vineyard El Alto de Mindiarte.

葡萄品種:100% 有機種植Tempranillo


保存:陰涼乾燥處。 避免陽光照射


使用來自可持續管理森林、天然軟木塞、回收紙板箱和玻璃瓶較少的可生物降解膠囊、PEFC 和 FSC 標籤。


“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”